Paul Moore


Positive thinking can “transform your life”


belief, cannot be...

bought, stolen, earned or borrowed,

your belief has to be felt as your truth of life within

your subconscious; self-belief is the key that opens doors to success,

personal transformational success in, health, wealth, business, sports & school.


  All teachings in this website were handed down to me by my Abenaki Grandmother with the sole intention(s) of transforming, self-empowering and healing the mind, body and soul.

Freedom is in knowledge, and knowledge is empowering yourself to handle all of life(s) situations. This website will show you, and explain to you how we create everything in our daily life and it will also show you how to obtain the positive focused energy to deal with all situations of life.

You will be reading about visioning throughout these pages and maybe give a funny look around the room thinking “I can’t vision)! Most people have a hard time meditating or visioning until they realise that they do it every minute of every day.

All day long your mind creates slide shows and scenarios producing stress anxiety and may call this daydreaming but it in all reality is visioning at its worst.

As you read these pages you will realise you can control these everyday thoughts and turn them into positive results.

Always remember that energy flows were attention goes, and that also brings in another great cliché: watch out what you wish for, you may get it...a wish is a visionary thought.  Your thoughts do create!